High Pressure-Deep Cleaning

Why Ice Blasting ?

MGB is an authorized agent and project partner of Precision Iceblast Corporation ("PIC") that has 25 years experience in ice blasting, coating and commercial cleaning. PIC is the world leader in HRSG deep cleaning with over 1000 modules successfully cleaned. MGB and PIC work together to assess, mobilize and complete projects in Indonesia and offer unique solutions to all customers.
Dry Ice blasting is the most successful method of cleaning and has many benefits in comparison to sand blasting, chemical cleaning, water blasting or simple air blasting. Our methods are proven, are the only methods with multiple OEM recommendations and lead the market world wide in effectively cleaning HRSGs. Proper cleaning will gain efficiencies and result in smart maintenance.

• CO2 blasting, with the right equipment and high pressure, is most successful method to clean HRSGs
• If the tube banks are 2-4 rows deep, general surface ice blasting may work at the right pressure, but it will not successfully clean modules larger than 4 rows
• Multiple applications for all fouling
• OEMs recommend our special methods of ice blasting and rarely recommend other methods
• Minimal clean up and no hazardous waste
• Visual inspection confirmation and quantifiable results.
• There is a molecular reaction and sublimation of the dry ice up contact that cleans
• The thermal expansion removes the fouling
• There is no liquid form. Ice blasting goes from solid to gas.
• There is no wear or damage to the surface, expansion joints, catalyst, baffle plates, insulation or any of the finned tubes.
• There is NO Hazardous Material generated from cleaning. Sweep and vacuum

Grit Media Damage Coating
Ice Blasting Will Not Damage Coating

Reasons For Deep Cleaning

• Recover lost output
• Decrease back pressure
• Recover heat transfer
• Increase steam production
• Lower fuel cost
• Reduce CO2 output
• Minimize Safety issues

• Corrosion prevention
• Prolong tube life expectancy
• Reduce stack pollutants
• Smart maintenance
• Long-term asset management
• Increase efficiency
• Increase profits